René Adam-Richer
Game Programmer
I developed Gravity Boy for a school assignment in which we were asked to create a pushable object. I decided to introduce boxes as a way to solve puzzles. All assets used were those I had previously made during LOWREZJAM 2021.
  • Solo Development
  • Focus on puzzle solving
  • Assets made using Aseprite

Completion: Oct 2021

Work Time: 2 weeks

Platform: Unity

The movement of the player is really simple. They include lateral movement, jumping and pushing boxes.
The game is made up of multiple short puzzles that the player must solve to progress. Various puzzle mechanics are added as the player progresses, like buttons and gravity fields.
I used multiple Tilemap layers to quickly prototype levels and adjust the game feel. This allowed me to quickly add new mechanics and test them in level.
The collisions and camera were also configured to respond to new elements being placed on the Tilemaps.
Gravity boy was my first attempt at creating a game menu. This resulted in a simple but clear menu that is quick and easy to understand.
Gravity Boy is a cute little puzzle game, and I still enjoy playing it today. The progressive difficulty of the puzzle rooms gave me confidence in my level design skills.
If anything, the only component missing is more levels and additional puzzle mechanics. I would like to revisit this game at a later point to gain even more experience in level design.