René Adam-Richer
Game Programmer
I created Pumpkin Planner as part of the Great Autumn Game Jam: 2021. The goal was to make a game that embodies autumn using the provided color palette. Pumpkin Planner invites the player into a relaxing experience while they carve a little pumpkin in peace.
  • Solo Development
  • Focus on Player Experience
  • Assets made using Aseprite
  • 13th place out of 168 entries

Completion: Sep 2021

Work Time: 3 weeks

Platform: Unity

A license for the game was sold to CoolMathGames.
The reception of the public has been very good. As of Jan 2023, the game has an average of 4.2 stars with a total of 5,047 votes on CoolMathGames.
The game allows the player to plan out their pumpkin design and then carve it using various tools. Each tool carves the pumpkin to a different depth, which affects the final illuminated visual.
Listen to the sound of the wind and say hello to passing bird or cat friend. The game allows you to take it slow, carve your pumpkin and appreciate the simple joys of autumn.
Once satisfied with your design, you can illuminate up your pumpkin and enjoy the result. The marker tool also glows in the dark! You can even take a picture to send it to your friends.
Events like the cat walking by, or the bird perching were added to make the scene more dynamic. Those are randomized and each event has it's own randomization to keep the animation from becoming monotonous.
The menu was made with the goal of accomodating mobile play. Even though the game was never fully optimized to run on mobile, the result gave an enjoyable experience on desktop and mobile.
Pumpkin Planner is still one of my favorite games I've worked on. The way I was able to plan features and execute them properly makes the end result really beautiful to me.
If I revisit this kind of project, I'd like to adjust the carving mechanic. Better detection of the mouse position and extrapolating in between mouse movement could help the player make more detailed drawings. Having pumpkin chunks fall when not connected to the surrounding pumpkin flesh would also make the game musch more immersive and realistic.