René Adam-Richer
Game Programmer
WormHole was developed during a Game Jam for which the theme was the classic "SNAKE". The idea was to create a new twist on this old classic and push the game to a new limit. The game took first place after the peer voting period.
  • Solo Development
  • Focus on Portability
  • Assets made using Aseprite
  • Game Jam Winner
  • Mobile Support

Completion: Nov 2022

Work Time: 2 weeks

Platform: Unity

Using the old "SNAKE" game as a base, I wanted to create a game with simple controls that still felt engaging. I decided to have a collision system similar to the original (avoid colliding with your snake body), but designed the controls more like a tank character.
This resulted in a very simple control scheme that could easily be adapted to a mobile platform.
Just like the old classic, the worm grows once it eats a fruit or vegetable. The difference lies in the fact that this collection will also make the worm switch from being underground to above ground.
This new way of playing the game forces the player to be aware of the entire playing field.
Due to the nature of the game, a large quantity of Game Objects had to appear on the screen at one time.
At first, I tried to move all of the individual worm sections sequentially, but I quickly realized that this would limit the number of sprites on screen. I instead opted to keep each worm section immobile and change their colors based on the previous section.
When I designed WormHole, I wanted to make sure the player understood what was happening on screen.
I used visual and audio queues to help the player understand when they collected a fruit/vegetable or when the worm would grow next.
Overall, WormHole was an ideal experience in optimizing portability to mobile. The ease of sale to my contact at CoolMathGames and the reviews testify to this game's success.
Moving forward, I plan on making similar compact games which can rapidly hit the market.